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This is not the time to stop or hit pause on transformation. Now, more than ever, the tools ALTRU Center offers are being called upon to lead and inform an empowered & connected community. Therefore, we are offering new, innovative trainings to meet public need and safety while maintaining the precautions of the pandemic. Join us for online, virtual trainings to learn to take on these challenges using the tools of transformation.

Virtual Awareness


August 21–23, 2020

Saturday 10am - 8pm

Sunday 10am - 8pm

It is with pride and optimism that we introduce ALTRU Center’s newest training, Virtual Awareness: a 2-day experiential, interactive and empowering journey designed for the current social climate. Designed to create a shift into a deeper understanding of responsibility, creativity, and the power of personal vision. 


Virtual Awareness draws from the foundation of knowledge that is covered in our in-person Part One: Opening Awareness experiential training, but is an entirely different training. This on-line virtual training is a brand new and distinct training featuring unique and inspired exercises. There will be value created for participants at all levels of their transformational journey and no pre-requisite courses are needed to participate. Being newly designed in the wake of the present global circumstances, please join us for this ground-breaking transformation experience.

WhereOnline Virtual Zoom Training 

Deposits are non-refundable

ALTRU CENTER workshops rest on a simple, fundamental philosophical principle: each person is born whole and complete, lacking nothing. So no matter what your race, religion, socioeconomic status, or physical gifts and challenges, everybody is born complete. The Center provides workshops, continuing education classes, and other learning experiences to support you to rediscover and return to that original wholeness.



July 24–26, 2020

Friday 7pm - 11pm
Saturday 11am - 11pm

Sunday 11am - 8pm

Virtual Breakthrough takes off where Virtual Awareness left off and has created a new standard for what's possible with online trainings. This This interactive 3-day training creates an intimate group dynamic and invites each student into a team dynamic, deeper relationship and personal breakthrough. Again, this on-line virtual training is a brand new and distinct training featuring unique and inspired exercises. There will be value created for participants at all levels of their transformational journey but the pre-requisite Virtual Awareness is required. If you are looking to break out of your box and become the person you were meant to be, this training will provide you opportunities to learn, evolve and break through. 

WhereOnline Virtual Zoom Training 

Deposits are non-refundable

Opening Awareness


Daily Schedule

Thursday 6pm - 12:30 am
Friday 6pm - 12:30am

Saturday 11am - 12:30am

Sunday 11am - 7:30pm

Upcoming Schedule

Cycle 10: July 30 - August 2
Cycle 11: November 5 - 8

Part 1 of our training series is about self-discovery. Who are you, once you strip away the trappings of modern life?  Which core beliefs further your goals, and which ones limit you?  Through exercises, games, lectures, sharing, small group work and close-eyed visualization, students have an opportunity to experience how you respond or react to life. This awareness creates new possibilities, new choices and personal insight which begins to clear a path to a purpose-driven life. 


Hotel Pennsylvania,

401 7th Ave, NY, NY 10001



Part 2 builds upon the awareness you opened during Part 1 of the training, allowing you to powerfully break through your limiting beliefs and conversations. You’ll reconnect with your purpose and shift your perspective on what is possible, not only in your life, but also in your community. The amazing experiences shared in these 5 days will last a lifetime.


Hotel Pennsylvania,

401 7th Ave, NY, NY 10001

Daily Schedule

Wed - Fri 12pm - 12:30am

Saturday 12pm - 1:30am
Sunday 12pm - 8pm

Upcoming Schedule

Cycle 10: August 12 - 16
Cycle 11: November 18 - 22




TBA per each of the 3 training weekends

The finale of the core 3-part training is the 90-day program which supports you to integrate Parts 1 & 2 into your everyday life. With a team of coaches to support and encourage, you will create an action plan to take your life to take to the next level. You will grow your leadership skills and see how playing team, focusing out, and being in service also supports you and your goals. This is a tremendous opportunity to have fun, make life-long friendships, stretch into a bigger possibility of who you want to be, and have your aspirations take shape in your daily life. The program includes three trainings weekends (Friday evening to Sunday night) plus one Saturday Ropes course along with daily coaching and team activities throughout the week.


September 18–20, 2020

Friday 10am - 9:30pm

Saturday 10am - 9:30pm

Sunday 10am - 8:00pm

Masters Course


Join us for a very special event as we host Master Trainer Bettie J. Spruill. The Masters Course is an in-depth experience of the principles of mastery and the practices of living a transformed life of freedom and grace. The workshop presents a thorough philosophical and intellectual framework for transformation. As such, the Masters Course is the foundation on which the Part 1, Part 2, Living Integration and any Graduate Workshops are built. Bettie herself wrote the course based on decades of experience as trainer, facilitator and coach. ALTRU is proud to be the only center in the world to have the author herself teach this course. Don't miss this chance to spend a 3-day weekend learning with the incomparable master herself! 

Location to be announced

Other AlTRU events:

ALTRU Center

Wednesday, July 15th

This FREE 2 hour workshop (7:30 – 9:30pm) provides an introduction to Opening Awareness and core three-part training. Come learn about ALTRU Center, our mission, meet some of the folks involved, and have a first-hand experience with the what ALTRU Center workshops can offer YOU.

Online Webinar:



Trance Dance rituals have been happening since ancient times in many cultures. They allow the dancer to take a personal journey of body and spirit. The combination of intention, setting, breathing, rhythms and dancing while blindfolded allows the dancer to experience a profound spiritual journey.


Green Space 

37-24 24th St 2nd floor

LIC, NY 11101

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