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Community Service

ALTRU CENTER's mission is anchored in community and altruism. Giving and receiving are like two sides of a coin, without one, the other doesn't exist. We see altruism not just in terms of being in service and helping others with unselfish intention, but as essential for the true fulfillment of the individual. Our greatest satisfaction and meaning is born out of the social connection and the experience of focusing outward — away from our self-centered and frequently insular perspective —thus creating a tangible sense of our interconnectivity as humans. 

To that end, a significant effort is made to provide our students with first-hand experiences of team, community service and altruism. While it is touched upon in both Part 1 and 2 trainings, it is during the Living Integration program that we emphasize it and provide multiple opportunities for students to be in service. The most significant is the Legacy project.


Each class chooses a domain, or social problem, to support. Domains can range from children to animal welfare, the elderly to the homeless. Once they have a domain, the team itself researches organizations that does work within that domain. The team then decides what organization to support with their Legacy project. Then, the fun kicks in! 

Each LI team plans and executes their legacy project, by raising funds, hosting an event and leaving an indelible mark on the community and/or organization chosen. Below is an overview of some of the tangible results our classes have created so far.

Money Raised for local Charities
The Parris Foundation Logo
Citizens for Children's wellness
Volunteer hours donated
Harlem Grown
Legacy Projects
to date
SuperYou FUNdation
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