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Our Vision



These are the primary initiatives of our organization. They are foundationally supportive in leading a life filled with joy, love, and abundance.


In a world where personal interaction is forsaken by electronic interfaces and disempowered people lead reactionary lives, WE ARE A STAND FOR PEOPLE TO RECONNECT WITH THEIR AUTHENTIC SELVES. We endeavor to enable an empowering paradigm shift from a victimhood mentality to a place of personal power and accountability.


We give trust to create trust.

We are our word.

We honor this process as sacred.

We keep a beginner’s mind and heart to be in service.

Leveraging a diverse community of hundreds of graduates of this life affirming work, in conjunction with instruction by world renowned transformation trainers, we will play a central role in the growing personal development and conscious elevation movement in the New York City Region, having global transformation. 

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