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Coaching lies at the heart of the Transformational Trainings that ALTRU Center offers. A coaching culture is one that is constantly looking at what works, what doesn't work and what gets to be added in order to have your desired results. It is one of accountability and support. As social creatures, we never stand alone, and having a coach in your corner is a huge benefit when it comes to staying on course towards your dreams, goals and the life you want to create. 

Moreover, coaching provides a safe space to explore what you really want and most importantly, who you are. We work closely with one of the preeminent coaching schools in the Americas, Ideal Coaching Global. Four out of the six of ALTRU Center's co-founders have studied with ICG and two currently serve as staff coaches and mentors for ICG. 

Coaching can be seen as "continuing education" of the ALTRU trainings, supporting people to stay connected with the transformational context. At the core, that means responsibility, being the author of our experience, acting on our commitments and taking risks so we can create the life we want. 

In our community there are numerous graduates who have completed Ideal Coaching Global's training and have gone on to become certified coaches with the International Coaching Federation. To find out more about coaching and what it can offer you, or, for information on how to find a certified coach, please email

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