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ALTRU CENTER was born from the desire to empower people to create rich, connected and fulfilled lives. We have partnered with the most experienced facilitators and mentors to offer a training program that is world-class, impactful and effective. We are excited to bring our vision of a socially responsible, win-win framework in an open, inclusive environment to the most diverse community in the world: New York City! 

Our starting point is that everyone and everything on this great earth is interconnected, where the collective respects the individual and the individual is grateful to support the whole. Without community and human connection, we can never meet our full potential as human beings. Inspired by collaboration and partnership — and because of our commitment to elevating consciousness and creating trust — the Altru Center founders chose a not-for-profit model in order to maximize the number of people that can be reached through our workshops. We are here to make the biggest positive impact possible in our lives, our families, our communities and the world.

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We know that the idea of change often raises questions. We are available by phone or through e-mail inquiries and are committed to responding to all questions within 24 hours.  


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+1 (646) 820-4754

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