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The following are testimonials from graduates of the ATLRU Center Trainings. 


I only wanted to see your trainings so I would be aware of what is being done online and what ppl were experiencing online. I was clear that I didn't want to lead virtual trainings because I had decided Virtual Trainings were inadequate, however I wanted to know more about them, nonetheless.

However, I am clear that I was 100% wrong about the capabilities of Virtual Trainings.

Your training can and will change lives and contribute to the world. Now, because of the Covid-19 limitations but more impressively and more importantly, afterwards.

What is available in the "in-person" training now lives virtually.

Thank you for proving me wrong. You guys killed it.

"The gift of transformation is a willingness to be wrong about everything." 

Thx for this gift.

— Barry Warren (Master Trainer)

ALTRU is an incredible platform for transformation in all aspects of life. This is one of the most interconnected transformational community based programs. I have grown in my confidence, connection in so many relationships, and in my understanding of tools I can use to create an abundance joyful life for myself and those around me. 

— Geeta 



It’s the best kept secret in the city. A place you can go to and have major breakthroughs in your life quickly.

— Terrance 

Through this leadership program, I discovered the confidence to reach for my vision. I have found LOVE and PEACE again in my personal relationship.

— Ani 

ALTRU is a key to life. It taught me how to be at peace with myself and the world around me. It taught me what it means to be worthy and HOW to use my voice to make a difference. I’ve found a new sense of personal responsibility and self appreciation. 

— Emily 

ALTRU has shown me the way back to being myself here and now in the present. Anything is possible as long as I have a clear vision, I believe in myself, and I have this amazing family to stand for my dreams to become reality.

— Bileshia 

ALTRU has given me the resources to unearth the hidden treasures in my life...The quality of my life is the quality of my relationships. I now have the magic ingredients to create powerful relationships. 

— Mare



As someone who has worked in the professional service world for over 30 years, ALTRU Center provided the most valuable personal development and leadership trainings I have ever attended. Because there are many aspects to our lives and through the trainings you see how they all are intertwined with the cornerstone being relationships in all area of your life. 

— Gil 

ALTRU Center is a great outlet, channel, and source of community, volunteerism, family, friends, and living a kinder way. For me it created inner peace, resolve, advanced my career economically, and inspired healthier and stronger fitness goals to power through plateaus. Additionally, the center provided the opportunity and open space to get profound astuteness in what it is to be a professional athlete, coach, and family man.

— Wesley 

My journey through ALTRU  has opened so many doors for me , And connected me with what really matters for myself and the world. 

— Jake 



My ALTRU journey has created a monumental impact in my life, i was challenged with feeling worthy of love and leadership and this community snuffed those voices out with an amazing family who loved me and showed me that my voice matters.

— Tony 

ALTRU changed my life.  An amazing community of supportive and loving students, coaches and ALTRU leaders create an environment that allows you to explore how you “play” life; figure out what works and keep it, and change what doesn’t.  It was emotional, loving and transformative. Truly beautiful...Thank you so much.
— Marc 



The ALTRU experience is a very powerful one- it has helped me navigate what living my best life looks like and understand the world and myself better. I would recommend that everyone takes a leap and gives themself the time to study the world and the beautiful people in it. It’s an amazing training in leadership, responsibility, confidence and transformation! 
— Maggie


The ALTRU trainings changed my life.  I went from being hidden and unsure of myself to being a powerful, compassionate, confident leader.  As a result, I went from being a part time employee to being the head of a newly created division at my job. 
— Donald


Altru gave me a new way at looking at situations and interacting with my fellow humans. I’ve learned that as different as we may seem, we have much more in common than we can understand. Altru is a curriculum for life that is not taught in school, the home or the streets. I recommend it to anyone who wants to level up. 

— Brian 


My experience within the LI program has proved to be one of decisions that I could have made. Going through this program encouraged to me set some lofty professional goals for myself (which I never would have done on my own) and achieve them - all while in a pandemic. Being in this program allowed me a space to connect, grow and thrive with like-minded individuals. The constant support that I received throughout this program was truly incredible and I can not fully express the gratitude I have for people that made this program possible. I have walked away with a new awareness, clarity and vision for what I want in my life and a formula of how to create it.

— Nicole


I participated in the Altru programs and they were all worth it. I wanted to understand what was preventing me from moving to the next level in my life and this program came highly recommended. I was able to able to get through my “stuff” and bring my life to the next level. I would recommend this program to those that want to make a difference in the world and in their own lives. 

— JaLeena


My Altru experience was nothing short of extraordinary. I came into Part 1 an open mind, a broken heart and a desire to connect and learn more about myself. With little to no expectations I was blown away on the curated safe space and “sandbox” that was created for us to explore the inner workings of our mind and to be able to step out of our comfort zone and break out of our self limiting beliefs through the structure of the trainings. The coaches and trainers that guided us through the exercises, seminars, group sharing and experiential sequences were always thoughtful, inspiring, selfless and a true representation of the 2% that will cause a shift in the world. After finishing each training (OA, BT, and LI) I felt I was unlocking a different part of myself in such a beautiful way. I’ve never felt more connected to a group of HUMANS in my entire life, my understanding of an authentic and deep relationship is changed forever.  I discovered an entirely new perspective on my life and each training experience will be forever cemented in my memory bank as pivotal and truly life changing. everyone gets to have an experience like this at some point in their lifetime, and I think Altru is a perfect organization to lean into for transformation and achieving your dreams. I am forever grateful for this community and my newfound view and path on life .Thank you for everything ❤️

— Mike 


I enjoyed incredible growth throughout my experience with the Altru Opening Awareness, Break Through and Living Integration coursework.  I entered the trainings with the intention of learning and having fun and by the time I completed all 3 levels, my life transformed from the life I was happy to have to the life I wanted to live. This experience provided the safe space and guidance that I needed to try new things, push my limits and ultimately accomplish the personal goals in my life that I never thought were possible.  Now I truly understand how to be in a way that supports me with living my best life and I am living it!

— Bernadette


I came to Altru expecting tips / strategies for my life. I have big dreams that have been stuck in the land of possibility. I was tired of being the woman with potential and purpose. My experience with Altru revealed blindspots that kept my life in mediocrity. I have broken through many limiting beliefs and most importantly have connected with a life long community of support. A number of tangible results also materialized including releasing 20+ lbs, paying $5200 in debt, writing my first solo book, and re-engaging with family members after 5 years.

— Tamara 


I wanted to take a moment to pause and say thanks. Saying yes to the invitation to join the Altru community was the best decision for me at the right time for this phase of my journey through life.


It was never an easy road. There were challenges and lots of resistance right from the start. Thank you to my coaches for being a stand for me. I had so many questions, how many actual trips to New York did I just sign up for? What are all the dates, how much are all the trainings, can I fit this in amidst the cancer battle with my special needs senior dog?


Turns out, every challenge was bravely faced. I learned to declare without evidence. I found my voice. I did the ONE thing I was sure I couldn’t do (careful what you say to the universe) and got to sing like Tina, and an opera singer. Thanks Altru.


Thank you Altru for providing me the tools, the breakthroughs, so that I was able to speak up.


In my Altru journey, my goal was to find the leader within, give her voice, light the way, experience evidence that I can enroll others to join me. Mission Accomplished Altru.

— Catherine 


Altru center trainings create spaces that allow for connection, collaboration, and fun. The trainings are intentional and purposeful and would highly recommended if interested in working in teams to achieve your personal goals and goals for the world.

— Liz

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